AMER’ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America.

1828 Noah Webster wrote in his dictionary.

AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

There shall be no Corporation, Legislative Body or State to make law, profess or issue domestic or foreign policy in the name of “America”. The name is reserved for The Aborigine Throne/ WE the Aborigine, true American inhabitants and now under the copy claim copyright of the Aborigine of America Trust. 

2 thoughts on “American

  1. I would like to know the best way to correct my status. I do not have the finances to pay for so called”packages”. I have exhausted all reasonable confidence in the numerous charlatans that claim that they have the answer to proper procedures and yet they end up permanently lock up, and or in custody for lawlessness. I have no confidence in the current Chiefs of various disorganized tribes, and or the Sheiks/Leaders of the Moorish Science Temple of America. I am looking for a body of moors who represent the actions of my indigenous kin with honor and integrity.
    If you are authorized, Please provide me with the necessary information so that I may be able to proceed in doing what is lawful and advantages to procure protection for myself and children as indigenous people.
    P.S. I am also in need of thelawful and legal “no vaccine” / “vaccine decline” notice.


    1. Peace and Love. Thanks for this comment. My best answer is to follow the learning protocol that I have set forth for those that wish to correct their status. First it begins with knowledge of self. If you would like to stand upon and represent the reclaimation that I have created you will have to learn who I am, what I stand for and the work that I have initiated for us as Aborigine Moors. Start by studying the Path to Freedom from this website. Then send an email to [email protected], you will receive an auto-reply with instructions. Empress Ninti


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