Astrology Uranus in the second house

” You came to disrupt the status quo”

Guidance from God Mother. As an American Shaman, Tribal Leader and High Priestess Initiate of the Ifa faith I offer authentic 100% accurate life path readings through my Nigerian Tribe. General readings through Tarot guidance and divination oracle readings ( 3 questions).

I give readings for my soul tribe. I need to connect with you need me and I need you! Time to come back together lots of work to do. Ase’

That is; Cancer sun, moon or rising. Mars in Aries. Pluto in the first house. Uranus in the Second house. Aries sun, moon or rising. Neptune in Sagittarius. Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune in Scorpio. Gemini Mid Heaven 10th house. Libra in 1st house and Second house. Leo in 12th house.

Contact me here for a reading:

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