Do it yourself Estate Planning; Wills, Estates, Probates and Trusts

Do it yourself

Author of Do it Yourself Estate Planning was once a licensed real estate Professional. An industry leading insider who spent most of her adult life in the real estate Industry first as an appraiser. Real estate investor, real estate broker and mortgage lender/ servicer.

The Author was a licensed professional when she turned her back on the banking industry after realizing their usury practices in year 2005. The Author and a team of other Professionals assisted in bringing cases against Big Banks.Sent in complaints to Congress and banking regulators which caused the banking industry to collapse completely in America and Worldwide in year 2008. The Author went on to use her insider knowledge to sieze bank properties and she became infamous for doing so, critics said that she was, “using loopholes in the law to sieze bank properties”. These same methods are used in Estate Planning. To this day she lawfully uses loopholes in the law to create ironclad asset protection methods used in Wills, Estates, Probates and Trusts. Now its time you take the first step to secure your estate, make a quantum leap with this Authors excellerated knowledge base that is on par with the most astute attorney’s.
⦁ How to create documents (templates provided)
⦁ How to file in court once documents completed
⦁ Where to record the documents
⦁ How to give lawful notice that a Will, Estate or Trust has been executed
⦁ BONUS: Six (6) hour audio/ visual training Lecture by the Author explaining in detail the Estate Planning methods, with live question and answer interactions.
⦁ BONUS II: Includes the Author’s book ‘Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You!’ more helpful knowledge, information and education. Definitely recommended reading.
Learn lawful strategies, methodologies and loopholes in the law to protect your family’s Estate.
DO IT YOURSELF Estate Planning is a rare, effective ironclad plan full of insider information. Other Uses: Asset Protection strategies that can protect your property NOW!
PROMOTION: Discounted Price for a limited time for now you can get this rare Do it YOURSELF Estate Planning Package for 90% off. The regular retail price for Estate Planning starts at $3,999.

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