Actual, Constructive and Lawful


The Aborigine of   Amexem  4/26/2017

We the Aborigine Moors of Amexem (The Americas) Proclaim and Declare, that:

We have our own Remedies, our own Charter and our own Customs

‘(ways of life on our land)’

That the Absolute Law Is;

The Aborigine Charter

The Fee Schedule of the Aborigine Moors

The Claim of Lien of the Aborigine Moors

The Sovereign Soil Tax of the Aborigine Moors

The Aborigine Restoration ACT.

The Aborigine Protection ACT.

 Aborigine Charter, Fee Schedule   & Master Lien   

This is hereby Actual, Constructive and lawful notice. To the World, U.S. Corporation is acting in fraudulent defacto capacity. For all intensive purposes ; All agencies, departments and bureau’s are acting in fraud, pursuant to the sealed authenticated 14th Amendment of the Constitution which was never ratified. Now more importantly there are rogue agents and colorable actors within the U.S. Corporation, Executive Branch, Intelligence Branches (state and federal). That perpetuously abuse their authority. The usurpations shall cease against the Aborigine of Amexem.
States and Federal entities who continue to perpetuate colorable laws, statutes, policies and codes against the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem, (Indigenous Inhabitants) predate so called “Indians” in the America’s.
Law Enforcement agencies; federal bureau of investigations, local law enforcement. Sheriffs, Police and their investigative arms have set out to target and profile ‘Black People’ primarily those who have claimed/ proclaimed their Indigenous Status. Many are known today as Moors. Defined in (Black’s Law Book volume 1 & 2). Rogue individuals and agencies have set out to unlawfully detain frame and railroad Moors. Entities are committing an atrocity pursuant to President Barack Obama’s executive order also violating Natural Law (Moors are part and parcel of the land), Law of Nations (Aborigines’ liberties shall not be trespassed), International Law (Rights of a child, Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and Treaty (Peace and Friendship 1736 & 1836). Commercially it is a violation of International Law and Treaty to detain within the U.S. Corporate usufruct or the corporate states, an Indigenous Inhabitants, particularly a proclaimed Moor with inherent freehold rights. Protected under their inalienable/ unlienable birthrights, pursuant to Natural Law (Moors are part and parcel of the land), Law of Nations (Aborigine’s liberties shall not be trespassed), International Law (Rights of a child, Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and Treaty (Peace and Friendship 1736 & 1836). Title’s of nobility El, El Bey, Dey, Ali, Bey, Dey secured with (copy claims & copyrights) these names are to be respected as noble names of the Aborigine of Amexem. Only freehold inheritants are entitled to use these titles. The names El, El Bey, Dey, Ali, Bey, Dey are freehold estate property of the Aborigine Moors solidified and etched in stone by the first Stone Monuments and Land Marks in the Americas settled by the Al Moroccan Autochthonous Moors dating back to antiquity, antiquitous land marks and bloodlines.  The Sovereign Soil Tax  of the Aborigine Moors – Nunc Pro Tunc NOTICE: To All Corporations, Businesses, Organizations, States, Cities, Counties, Quasi-governmental agencies. You are living, operating, doing business, building, developing and benefiting from the land of the Aborigine. 100 Trillion Dollars in lawful coinage (Gold & Silver) is assessed nunc pro tunc for the use of the land and soil  in the Americas to each ‘state’. Aborigine Moors hereby annex and re-claim the lands controlled by the U.S. Corporation and all its Territories. Violations of this Proclaimation, Charter, Master Lien, Fee Schedule, Sovereign Soil Tax, Restoration and Protection Act of the Aborigine Moors, shall yield 100 Billion in lawful coinage to be paid to the freehold secured party in due course and charged to the state that the violation occurred. The same to the municipality, Sheriff’s Department, Police Department, the Law Enforcement/ Public officer who acted out the violation, jointly and severally. 100 Billion Dollars in lawful coinage charged to any quasi-governmental entitiy operating thereof.
Includes but not limited to the following; federal  bureau of Investigations (FBI), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA) any and all Law Enforcement and Intelligence Arms;
All inclusive but not limited to the aforementioned entities. All Secretaries of State (past and present). Department of Motor Vehicles in every state shall make exempt all taxes to the Aborigine of Amexem. Whether domiciled in/on an “Indian” reservation or not-  Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine’s of Amexem are Grandfathered in prior to any agreements made with federally recognized Indian Tribes and the Corporation regarding commerce, codes and reservations. Every state shall make exempt all taxes to the Aborigine Moors including ( Highway Tax, any and all taxes imposed to the public) shall be cost exempt to the Aborigine Moors upon application and notice thereof. These requests must be executed without delay, hindrance or impediment.
NOTICE: To the State Department of the United States of America and lower states of Amexem there shall be an option and a check box available to us to choose from as the Aborigine Moor or Asiatic Moor on all applications, forms and literature distributed to distinguish “race” , Status or Nationality.
National Security Agency – hereby noticed and directed to indicate in their records the lawful Status of the Aborigine Moors.(NSA) Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – hereby noticed and directed to indicate in their records the lawful Status of the Aborigine Moors. Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
Federal bureau of Investigations (FBI) – hereby noticed and directed to indicate in their records the lawful Status of the Aborigine Moors. Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – hereby noticed and directed to indicate in their records the lawful Status of the Aborigine Moors. Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
All Intelligence Agencies – Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
All Law Enforcement Agencies – Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.

All U.S. Corporation/ quasi-governmental Agencies & Departments – Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
All State/ quasi-governmental Agencies & Departments  – Upon contact with an Aborigine Moor must handle the Indigenous Inhabitant accordingly to the Aborigine Charter.
Aborigine Restoration ACT Worldwide Mandate to Correct the History/ Her-story of the Aborigine Moors, “Black Indians”, Indigenous Inhabitants of the America’s. We must be restored back to our original status. Joshua 1:3-6 ‘Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land, I swore to their ancestors to give them’.
Put our Faces Back Where They Belong To: All Learning Institutions Worldwide Public and Private, Libraries, Colleges Universities are hereby mandated to stop teaching blatant, egregious boldface lies regarding the history of the dark Asiatic Moors. History/ Her-story of “Blacks” today who are in virtue Moor, meaning of dark complexion, inhabitants that own the land in the America’s.
This is a mandate to retrieve, verify and communicate with archives around the world to locate factual content, scour the archives for original pictures of Moors who ruled for centuries, such as King James, King Arthur and King Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Charlotte who were Moors. Rid ourselves and our schools of the colonial teachings that were orchestrated to keep the truth from the Aborigine Inhabitants, so they could continue control for centuries. Falsehoods were told, taught and spread to eject the Caucasian people into history where they had none and to rob the heirs of their land, status and entitlements.
In order for history to be written accurately about Moors “Black People” one must have at least (3) Three supporting facts from World and National Archives (2) from abroad sources and/ or (3) supporting facts from Archaeologists and/ or (3) supporting facts from Anthropologists. Extracted from world records (France, Germany, Poland) etc. There will be no more misinformation reported regarding the history/ her-story of the Moors, Aborigine of Amexem who are Autochthonous and Autonomous to the Americas.
We do not support the myth that all “Black” Inhabitants came from one Continent. Myth that has been taught in the United States and Abroad is that all “Black” People came from the Continent of Africa. Ancient findings support that our DNA shows up as the first on all Continents. Anthropologist findings support this fact. Archaeologist findings support these facts. Archives support this fact. We are the Aborigine of Amexem, Asiatic (Dark Skinned) Indigenous Inhabitants. Improperly called “Black People” today. Our Ancestors navigated the Seven Seas and populated all Continents since the beginning of time. [Ref Landmarks, DNA markers, historical evidence]. WE do not support the misinformation and theories published by inquisitionist, colonialist and Rosicrucian known dates from (1492-Present year of 2017) whose agenda was to extinguish the Aborigine’s history/ her story in Amexem (America’s) and worldwide, to steal and over throw Tribes, Klans and Indigenous Nations to take their land. With this atrocious act of barbarism and identity theft came a fraudulent history they created,
the intruders had no choice but to put themselves in the ‘Moors’ shoes in the history books, because they had no history of their own. No historical accomplishments, no land and no inheritance. Untrue blaspheme, theories and misinformation has been printed in school history books, by authors and published to  the masses as truth. Printed in media and news. We will execute our remedy [Aborigine Fee Schedule ] upon anyone, entity or alleged government who prints misinformation or falsehoods about “Black “People, ‘Moors’,
Indigenous Inhabitants, Aborigine of Amexem.
We have remedy that will charge penalty for all misinformation, identity theft, blasphemous articles stories being printed without following our prescribed pre-requisites for reporting on the Moors “ Black People”.  News Media, Publications, Networks, online streaming, websites broadcasting stories, TV Broadcasters will be charged jointly and severally pursuant to the amounts listed in the Aborigine Charter.
Any entity author, publisher, editor, teacher, professor found to be printing, distributing, publishing, spreading mis-information, falsehoods and blatantly changing the history of the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine shall be guilty of making false claims, identity theft and International crimes of Genocide of  Indigenous Inhabitants. Violations of Natural law, Law of Nations and Aborigine Charter. Moors are one with nature, part and parcel of the land.[ Ref. Blacks Law 1st and 2nd edition]. This being one of the most offensive injustices (crimes) to a class/ status of Nationals who are historical jewels to this planet. Moors history/ her-story shall be depicted as indicated in the Archives, by the Archaeologist, by the Anthropologists, Astronomers, Astrologers. A indicative of being the first. The research and recordings of all that study the first in everything indicate who we are, so shall you. ‘You’ means anyone, person, individual, entity,quasi-governmental entity, the media, Historians, Internet Bloggers, News outlets, wikipedia writers, text book authors, editors, publishers, School book writers,teachers, professors any and all people conveying information about “Black People” the Aborigine History of ‘Moors’, Moorish Nation, Moorish Nationals, El’s Bey’s, El Bey’s, Ali’s, Dey’s all may not be here included and are not limited to the aforementioned.
STOP, Cease & Desist-  Spreading the untruths of “slavery” in the America’s and around the World. Mandate to Find the facts and teach accurate her-story of the Slavery Trade. A Worldwide account of slavery, indicates that various other persuasions of people were enslaved, not only “Black” People. All “Black” people did not come to the America’s from Africa. We were already here 100’s of millions of years.
STOP, Cease & Desist- Teaching the myth of “Christopher Columbus” discovering America, these teachings are simply not true. Land inhabited by Aboriginal Asiatic Inhabitants for millions of years cannot be ‘discovered’ by anyone. Autochthonous, Autonomous Aborigine is who occupied and left the first landmarks in the United States of America, the dark skinned Moors. Moors, whom which all other later day amalgamated Kings and Queens derived from.
STOP, Cease & Desist- Mis-Teachings & Misinformation of “Christianity”. The wiping out of centuries of Indigenous Inhabitants is one of the greatest atrocities known to man, if not the most, egregious holocaust ever known to man. Not only did the rosicrucianers, colonists and inquisitionists rape our women and take our land in the name of Christianity, forcing Indigenous Inhabitants to convert.   These treacherous intruders took the most precious and valuable essence from us. Our names, our heritage, our lineage, the knowledge that our Ancestors left through, ancient teachings, lessons, books, manuscripts, pictures. Leaving us with no knowledge of self, who we really are and the Royalty from which we came.
Intruders took our history, killed our men and raped our women for centuries. Keeping this lie as their biggest secret. ( What they did to masses of Indigenous ‘Dark Skinned’ Inhabitants to steal their land) and kept the secret of the land being the Moors lawful inheritance. Well the time has come and liar your time is up, give us back all that is ours. You will not willingly give to us what is lawfully and rightfully our inheritance. This is why the Ancestors speak through these words on this page. We have the power to make you yield today to our words, knowledge and intellect. We are back, we have awakened, we have arisen. WE are the Ancient Moors. Ase’, Ase’, Ase’ ( So it is, So it is, So it is).
Aborigine Protection ACT. Unlawful Searches & Seizures and   Intrusions upon Liberties   Notice to All “Law” Enforcement Agencies, State’s, Departments, Corporations, Officers of the Court and Ordering bodies thereof;
Each officer, ordering body, municipalities,“Law” Enforcement Agencies, State’s, Departments, Corporations and ALL quasi-governmental agencies. Unlawful killings, raids and intrusions on liberties of the Aborigine [Indigenous Inhabitants] “Black People” shall be met with a charge pursuant to the Aborigine Charter. There is clearly no justice in the current ‘legal system’ for the Aborigine “Black” Asiatic Inhabitants,(Aboriginal, Tribes, Nations and Klans). Aforementioned statement is confirmed as fact: Stare Decisis, Collateral Estoppel at Law; Pursuant to the laws of immunity, such as THE DOCTRINE OF TRIBAL SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY, ex. N.C.G.S. Chapter 52 § 15A-954, and now the Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter, Rights of a Child U.N., Rights of Indigenous Peoples, U.N.. Treaties of Peace and Friendship 1736 and 1876 and more importantly the first historical recordings on landmarks claiming title to the land. Wherefore we make these claims by DNA, birthrights and inheritance.
Immediately upon the Aborigine noticing (verbally or written) to the aforementioned individuals, agencies, officers of the court, municipalities, corporations, states of their status they must be treated lawfully as such. Culprits must halt intrusions and contact the superior departments and agencies for further instruction of how to conduct commerce/ interact with the Aborigine. Severe penalties shall be handed down for violations of the Proclaimation/ Charter of the Aborigine of Amexem.
Any violation of the foregoing Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem will be met with swift penalties pursuant to the Aborigine Charter and Fee Schedule followed by Aborigine claim of lien and in conjunction with the President Obama’s executive order to remedy atrocities past and present.
We do not acquiesce to the magna carta codes, jim crow theory or any other doctrine that subscribes to “Black People” being 3/5’s of a person/ man or subordinate in anyway to others. Any doctrine teaching that “Black People” are inferior to any other so called “race”shall be swiftly dealt with accordingly. We Do Not subscribe, acquiesce or adopt these falsehoods into our customs as (Indigenous Inhabitants) of the land. We Do Not subscribe, acquiesce or adopt any ACTS or legislation that supports the denial of our Indigenous Rights as Aborigine of Amexem/ Americas (United State of America). Out dated ACTS and legislation such as the Salvage Claims made by President Bush and the Right to Kill ACT;
[“ October 1669-ACT I. An act about the casual killing of slaves. [Colonial leaders decided that corporal punishment was the only way in which a master could correct a slave since his or her time of service could not be extended. This law represents the loss of legal protection for a slave’s life in Virginia. It also was the first of several laws passed during the last thirty years of the seventeenth century that reduced the personal rights of black men and women.] WHEREAS the only law in force for the punishment of refractory servants resisting their master, mistris or overseer cannot be inflicted upon Negroes, nor the obstinacy of many of them by other then violent means suppress, Be it enacted and declared by this grand assembly, if any slave resist his master (or other by his masters order correcting him) and by the extremity of the correction should chance to die, that his death shall not be accompted ffelony, but the master (or that other person appointed by the master to punish him) be acquit from molestation, since it cannot be presumed that prepensed malice (which alone makes further ffelony) should induce any man to destroy his own estate.” Laws such as the following are the same in the South to this day, laws that police officers/ law enforcement use to abuse “Black People”.   “June 1680-ACT X. An act for preventing Negroes Insurrections. [This law represents an attempt to restrict the freedom and personal rights of enslaved persons. The members of the Assembly also decided that a slave who resisted a white individual was to be punished. The statute designated the punishments for three crimes: leaving a plantation without the permission of one’s master, raising a hand against a Christian, and resisting capture after running away.]”]


We the Aborigine hereby abolish, abate, abrogate all such inhumane, laws such as the ones on the books in Virginia and all States, in the United States of America/ Amexem that support the suppression and abuse of  the Aborigine. [Laws on Slavery  Hening, ed., The Statutes at Large]. These laws still on the books has given authoritative figures and law enforcement the illusion that they can abuse their power and treat “Black” people in an inhumane way. Laws  people in an inhumane way. Laws such as the aforementioned are used in law enforcement, secret societies and fraternal orders, to be carried out against all those who pose a “threat” to the defacto quasi-governmental corporate system; Successful “Blacks”, those that speak out against injustices, those that know the law and stand for the protections of our  inalienable/ unlienable rights and laws. When the so called “authorities” cannot intangle you into their legal system on unlawful warrants, searches and seizures upon an individuals liberties, the next step and most times final step is to wage a secret attack. Most often ends in a fatality of some sort, tactics include the Ancient rituals and sciences of the Aborigine and now using this knowledge upon the Indigenous Inhabitants. The Southern States have a fetish for abusing the rights of “Black” People. Especially the State of Virginia, having the most prisons of all States, largest population of inmates. Virginia also has the most inhumane laws for non-violent crimes, a case that we have been made aware of in Virginia is that the State is holding a prisoner for the last (19) nineteen years in ‘State Prison’ for a non-violent crime without the possibility of parole. Incarcerating him after he plead not guilty almost twenty years ago, at the age of (19) nineteen now 36 Thirty-Six years of age, first detained for robbery where no one was hurt or killed. We declare that this punishment is inhumane; no Aborigine currently incarcerated shall be detained longer than (7) seven years for a non-viole nt alleged “crime”. We declare that there are no more acts of secrecy committed against Aborigine Moors, period on our land or otherwise. Any violations of this provision shall be met with swift retribution. All Departments, offices, agencies found to be committing acts of secrecy against the Aborigine of Amexem (Americas) shall be liened/ levied personally and offices shut down indefinitely. Tactics of J. Edgar Hoover, Aleister Crowely and the like shall not be tolerated under no circumstances. Factions of NSA, CIA, FBI and all that have been known to incorporate these tactics against a person/ group or overall population will be severally fined/ liened/ levied pursuant to the Aborigine Charter. Tactics such as, railroading, framing, and unlawful arrests without probable cause and/or without warrant. Any lawful detainment must be immediately followed by a probable cause hearing, where the status of the Individual shall be determined. Any deviation of the foregoing protocol when doing commerce with the Aborigine Moor shall constitute a violation of the Aborigine Charter. Culprits and violators shall be met with its equal in penalties and violations pursuant to the Aborigine Charter, therefore the individual office/ department/ State Agency shall be shut down Indefinitely and Absolutely.     When a lawful demand is made by an Aborigine to a State Department/ Agency/ City/ Municipality and it is denied, ignored stolen or delayed beyond the demanded time frame the Aborigine has the right to refer to the Aborigine Charter and Uniform Commercial Code for relief from any and all violations of these entities (including those within the District of Columbia).     Remedy: A master lien , fee schedule and charter of the Aborigine has been put in place to protect the freehold Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine’s of Amexem (Indigenous Inhabitants of the America’s). Commonly known today as “Black People” of Americas and the World. Freehold Inhabitants are not bound by corporations, foreign or domestic, governmental , foreign agencies , quasi-governmental agencies, private institutions doing commerce and business on or land. There is no foreign corporation that can separate the Aborigine from the lands of the Americas (Amexem) which include North, South and Central (America). Master Lien , Fee Schedule and Charter of the Aborigine includes a sovereign soil tax (nunc pro tunc) that shall be assessed to all municipalities, States, Cities, Corporations, any and all entities operating and doing business, commerce and/ or trade on the soil of Amexem.
NOTICE To: Individuals, organizations, offices and entities that wrongfully, arrest, detain, kill or deprive of any rights inherent to Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aboriginal Inhabitants of Amexem (Americas) shall be punished pursuant to the this Proclaimation/Charter. Anyone, any person, group, organization, Klan, secret society, fraternal order, British rite or otherwise found to be secretly plotting to unlawfully kill, deprive rights of Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine Moors shall be charged pursuant to the Aborigine Charter/ Aborigine Fee Schedule. Any group ,organization, klan or the like secretly meeting and plotting to kill an Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine shall be found in violation of the Aborigine Proclaimation, Charter and Protection Act, thereby shall themselves be put to death. Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem shall not be deprived of any right inherent to them protected by birthrights, Inheritance and DNA.
No immunity for law enforcement men and women aiming to defraud and defame the name of the Moors by framing railroading and planting criminal evidence in order to detain or kill, obtain unlawful warrants against an Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine Moor. It is a matter of law that the corporate defacto/ fiat judicial system is not to be applied to Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine Moors. It is also a matter of Law, that any unlawful detainment, detention or kidnapping by any person or entity, the detention may be refused and defended with force, even if it causes the death of the violator. The laws in this Proclaimation and Charter shall be fully executed to the utmost extent of law. Anyone who kills without cause or reason [unless proven] to be (self defense), shall be charged pursuant to this Aborigine Charter/ Fee Schedule in the amount of 100 Million per occurrence, per officer, per violation. Shall be charged to the individual, their office, delegating authority and State in which the incident/ violation took place. Governors, Mayors. Cities, Counties, municipalities and Individuals jointly and severally shall absorb this 100 million dollar charge per violation to be paid in lawful coinage (100% Gold & Silver) charged in perpetuity. In the event the violators cannot pay or make whole this amount the debt shall pass to his/ her heirs. If the heirs of the violators cannot make the debt whole in their life time it shall descend down through his/ her family line in perpetuity, so on and so on in succession until infinity. The debt of the violator can only be satisfied by lawful tender (100% Gold & Silver) coinage. All State departments must yield to this Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter, Treaty and International law (Rights of Indigenous Peoples). Stat-
In addition to this Proclaimation Master Lien, Fee schedule & Charter of 100 Trillion
A 100 Million dollar (Gold & Silver) charge will be placed against the STATE for any and all Indigenous lives wrongfully lost at the hands of STATE, CITY, COUNTY OR FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. 100 Million in Gold & Silver shall be charged to the Individual officers that committed the act, in perpetuity. We are not your “negro”, “black”, “colored” and 3/5ths man/person, not corporate citizens of your corporation . We are Nationals with birthrights, autonomy to the land= Definition = Moors, part and parcel of the land according to (Black’s Law Book volume’s 1 and 2) = Your Bible = Wooley Hair like lambs wool= Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem =Gij,j=0 = Closest being to the Most High God. We are the best of God, Science, Technology = GAGUT. If God be for us, what man could be against us? No man can be against us,  No man can defeat the God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem.   Empress Ninti = Joshua 1:3-6 ‘Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land, I swore to their ancestors to give them’.     Aborigine of Amexem has the right and authority to amend this Proclaimation of the Aborigine and Aborigine Charter, fee schedule and master lien when necessary. We subscribe to our Natural Customs, Rights and Laws; Mother Nature, Universal Law, Law of Nations, Treaty, International Laws on Commerce, Trade and Rights of Indigenous Inhabitants.   This Proclaimation is the plain and concise statement of Fact of the the Aborigine of Amexem. Mission Statement of the Aborigine of Amexem: This Proclaimation has been divinely inspired to create and keep the peace & tranquility that we as Aborigine Inhabitants once had on this Planet that we call Mother Earth, Lands of Amexem (Americas) offspring of the land of Mu. Peace, Love, Truth, Harmony with Nature, Freedom and Justice is what   We Proclaim and Declare to the World: So it is, SO it is and SO it is

Copy Claim/ Copyrights

ADDENDUM – To the Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem 2017

We the Aborigine are aware that the fraternal order’s & secret societies of the “govt.” are targeting Asiatics= meaning “Blacks” “African Americans” as you call them, primarily Moors. Using senseless killings as your rituals against Moors; 1) to invoke fear, 2) keep Moors from uprising 3) to fulfill your Satanic rituals 4) to be promoted to a higher ranking within your “secret societies” after committing these egregious, genocidal, atrocities against ‘Moors’, who you call “Black” people. You (All corporations, quasi-governmental agencies) are violating and have violated the Law of the Land, Natural Law and Law of Nations for centuries now, and shall be charged Nunc Pro Tunc for the genocidal holocaust against the Indigenous Inhabitants of (Amexem) the America’s, what you call United States of America, South & Central America.
Acts of Secrecy, Lawless, Senseless Killings will be met with swift punishment pursuant to the Aborigine Charter, Master Lien & Fee Schedule. Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem is filed for the records at the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. This is Lawful, Constructive and Actual notice. Notice to the Agent is notice to the principal. Notice to the Principal is notice to the agent. Proclaimation of the Aborigine, Aborigine Charter/ Master Lien, Aborigine Fee Schedule, Aborigine Protection Act, Aborigine Restoration Act and Sovereign Soil Tax is [Law Absolute]. This is the Law of the Land. Not Water; (not Maritime and not Admiralty).
We will not attend your court’s/ sessions in admiralty/ maritime (on water), that is not our law. Unless we choose by our own free will to seek money damages by jury trial against violators or to enforce a valid lien. Notice: the act of a Moor choosing to go into a court house anywhere within the United States of America or (Amexem) is not an admission or acquiescence into a foreign jurisdiction. At law.   So it is, So it is, So it is and So it shall forever be.


Universal Law

Ecclesiastic law:  (Law of Heirs) Joshua 1:3-6                Antiquitus Claims

Natural Law:                                                                         Antiquitus Claims

Law of the land:                                                                   Antiquitus Claims

International Law:     Treaty (Emperor of Morocco)            year 1786/1787 & 1836

King Charles’ Carolina Charters     of  the  years                   1663 & 1665

Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem as of the year 2017

Proclaimation – Ancient Imperial Moors Are Out of Interregnum as of the year 2016

Library of Congress Registration TXu-2-049-663

Public Notice to the World, U.S. Congress & All U.S. Constituents.

Proclaimation/ Declaration Filed within the Largest Library in the World on

North American Soil (United States of America).


All verbiage [ intellectual property] , content, trade marks, trade names, seals, symbols, pictures is/ are copy claimed and copy righted by the publisher/ creator of this website and the aforementioned properties. Any violations of its use without authorized consent shall result in a criminal complaint, law suit and the parties involved shall be aliened pursuant to the Aborigine Moors of Amexem charter, fee schedule and master lien.


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