[“Black”] Nobility of America

Ruled from 1899-1913
Empress Amuricka Maxima ruled from America
at Empire State.

Empress Amuricka Maxima

Ruler of America, adjoining islands including over 50 Countries and Territories around the world. Amurickanus Empire, an Empire where the Sun never set. Empress America Maxima sat on her Throne from the age of 15 to 29 reigning from the World Trade Center at ‘Empire State’ in America. The Maxima Family ruled their Empire for Forty-five Thousand years (45,000) from the Empire State up until year 1913. Maxima are from the Imperial Royal House of Tahuhti. Lineage of King David Solomon Tahuhti ( King Solomon). Lineage of King James Maxima and Emperor Moses Maximus all spoken about in the Holy books and throughout history omitting their last names and titles of Nobility. Thanks to the Christian Crusades and Inquisition. Maxima was a family line thought to be wiped out in America. The Maxima ruled from the Amurickanus Empire ( Ancient Imperial Moors) was brought out of Interregnum in year 2007 after a period of 94 years and later filed by Proclaimation at Library of Congress in year 2016 by Empress Maxima’s Great Great Granddaughter Empress Ninti El Bey who is the bloodline heir to the Throne of America, adjoining islands including over 50 Countries and Territories around the world. Empress Ninti of America is now heir to an Empire where the Sun never sets. Empress Ninti is also heir to the Throne of Persia and Amurickanus Throne of the Amurickas. Heir to Estate of the Persy-Maxima lineage. Through the marriage union of Empress Amuricka Maxima and King Algee Persy. Note: Although the term “Black” is a misnomer. The Persy and Maxima families are two (2) of the Thirteen (13) “Black Nobility” Families spoken of in the Bible and Koran that still run the world. * Amuricka is the correct spelling of the land [America].

Legal/ Lawful Notice; “Royal” Pale faces associated with these titles of Nobility are imposters. Not of Royal Lineage whatsoever.