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“You came to tear down governmental structure as we know it, creating a new one”

Guidance from God Mother. As an American Shaman, Tribal Leader and High Priestess Initiate of the Ifa faith I offer authentic 100% accurate life path readings through my Nigerian Tribe. General readings through Tarot guidance and divination oracle readings ( 3 questions).

I give readings for my soul tribe. I need to connect with you need me and I need you! Time to come back together lots of work to do. Ase’

That is; Cancer sun, moon or rising. Mars in Aries. Pluto in the first house. Uranus in the Second house. Aries sun, moon or rising. Neptune in Sagittarius. Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune in Scorpio. Gemini Mid Heaven 10th house. Libra in 1st house and Second house. Leo in 12th house.

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Recruiting for Empress’ Army

Our Tribal Imperial Government reclaimed our Indigenous Status and Authorities upon the land of America. Established in year 2016. Fully postured to rule along side quasi-Governmental Bodies in America and join the affairs of ‘Heads of State’ Worldwide. Absolute powers solidified under Library of Congress Certificate number TXU-02-049-663. Tsalagi Tribal Government is now recruiting for Imperial Guards, Local Law Enforcement and Empress’ Army.

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AMER’ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America.

1828 Noah Webster wrote in his dictionary.

AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

There shall be no Corporation, Legislative Body or State to make law, profess or issue domestic or foreign policy in the name of “America”. The name is reserved for The Aborigine Throne/ WE the Aborigine, true American inhabitants and now under the copy claim copyright of the Aborigine of America Trust. 

Empress of America

Diaries of an American Empress

                                                                                                        April 4, 2020

Regarding the “so called” Corona Virus Pandemic.

Note: There are movies published about the Corona Virus in year 2018 shown on Netflix, “ My Secret Terrius” very same pandemic prior to the actual deployment of this so called pandemic and the vaccine being forced upon Asiatics/ Aboriginals around the world. Same as with Aids (given to African children through vaccines) Same as with SIPH’ILIS ( given to American soldiers/ Tuskegee Airmen) who were all copper colored Aboriginals from America. This is the work of those that wish to diminish us in numbers. This is the work of those that want to be one world power when “they” do not have the birthright lineage to do so. Only the Inhabitants of the Land can possess such a right of passage. Not the imposters sitting in power as of the date of this letter. This is the same tactic used for the past two Centuries by the so called “ Elite” or               “Illuminati” who think they are so much more enlightened than everyone else, yet they are the parasites that have kept us all down, stolen the birthrights and inheritance of the Aboriginal People Worldwide. By way of deception. By way of trickery. By way of fear tactics. By way of threat, duress and coercion lead by their foot soldiers (fraternal order of Police) and then followed up by their lynchmen and women in black robes acting for the British Courts in America. These same Thirteen Families (13) have Stolen the Aborigine’s birthrights worldwide, Stolen our resources, stripped our land, our names, our blood (literally) to stay in existence. Our birth certificates are even used to sustain the wealth of the wicked. Here is what Corona really means. Now you know what is really going on. In Short Asiatic’s/ Moors/ so called Black’s don’t get the shot. Stay away from hospitals if you go there they will mostly likely inject you with their poisonous virus use wholistic doctors and natural pathic practitioners and remedies.

Definition of Corona: Anatomy
” 2. a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.”
3. Botany the cup-shaped or trumpet-shaped outgrowth at the centre of a daffodil or narcissus flower.
4. a circular chandelier in a church.
5. Architecture a part of a cornice having a broad vertical face.


 Ase’ Empress Ninti El Bey

Indigenous Americans, Forced Assimilation of “Blacks” in America.

So Called “Black People” are Aboriginal and Indigenous to the America’s.

To: All “Black” people. You need to first understand the conditions that you have been forced to live with, then overstand the tactics, followed by solutions to the atrocities ( cultural genocide and ethnocide), a holocaust that our people have suffered for the past two centuries and that still plague us in year 2020. As a proclaimed Indigenous Inhabitant to America you have your own laws, customs and practices to stand upon. Protected underneath our Global Seal and Flag. Protected underneath our Ancient Spiritual Practices of Shamanism and Ifa faith. ‘We do not need reparations we need to reclaim’. Visit our reclaimation page to reclaim your heritage and your land.  Reclaim Here!

NOTICE: To all so called Law Enforcers for, Governors, Fraternal Orders and foreign powers. British rule on the land of America is over. Colonial Powers extinguished since year of 1960. British Courts, Judges, Attorney’s and “Queen” Elizabeth has no rule over Indigenous Inhabitants/ Aborigine Moors upon the land of America. Forced assimilation, excessive force, strong arming, framing, railroading Indigenous Inhabitants/ Aborigine Moors into British/ Corporate/ Commercial Courts shall not be tolerated!

History Lesson: Forced assimilation is an involuntary process of cultural assimilation of religious or ethnic minority groups during which they are forced to adopt language, identity, norms, mores, customs, traditions, values, mentality, perceptions, way of life, and often religion and ideology of established and generally larger community belonging to dominant culture by government. Also enforcement of a new language in legislation, education, literature, worshiping counts as forced assimilation. Unlike ethnic cleansing, the local population is not outright genocide and may or may not be forced to leave a certain area. Instead the population becomes assimilated by force. It has often been used after an area has changed nationality, often in the aftermath of war. Some examples are both the German and French forced assimilation in the provinces Alsace and (at least a part of) Lorraine, and some decades after the Swedish conquests of the Danish provinces Scania, Blekinge and Halland the local population was submitted to forced assimilation. Forced assimilation is also called cultural genocide and ethnocide.

Asiatics/ Aborigine/ Moors/ True Americans have been on the soil of Amurika (turtle island)  since the beginning of time. We have anthropological and archaeological evidence of Asiatics ( Black Peoples) bones found millions of years ago on planet earth at least 27 million years in America, our Ancestors bones were found in South Carolina according to anthropologist, archivists and archaeologists findings.

Pale Albino skin did not show up until the 1600’s.  Their “History” began in the 1700’s as “they began to discover lands and peoples who had already been on the planet for millions of years prior to their arrival. Colonialists showed up heavily in mid to late 1800’s in America, research ‘Andrew Jackson’ and the trail of tears.

South Carolina rocks and sediments provide a record of geologic history … This rock, which is over one billion years old, formed when igneous rocks … The first vertebrate fossils recorded from North America, were found in South Carolina. … Carolina during the Oligocene Period of Earth History (~27 million years ago).”

Reflections of Our Past: The Archaeology of South Carolina. What is … The First South Carolinians: The Paleoindians (12,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C.) The earliest … Bone awls, needles, and projectile points were also common tools

Judaculla Rock of North Carolina, is not determined how old this petroglyphic stone is or how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of years it is old. It was physically carved by Inhabitants who occupied the land during Paleo or Pre-historic times ( meaning prior to Colonialists history documented which usually starts in 1700’s). It is evident that Asiatic/ Paleoindians/ Aboriginal Inhabitants of America carved the stone leaving their mysterious mark as they did many other places in America as well as around the world.

Judaculla Rock

Aborigine of Amexem

This is the Knowledge Emporium for the Aborigine of Amexem. Latest updates, laws and communications from around the World. Announcement; we have been the ones the world love’s to hate. It is our time for the tables to turn. The New Law has been long awaited and long overdue. Time is now to set the record straight.  Right the Wrongs; the atrocity’s, holocausts, genocides that have been committed against the Aborigine, Inhabitants who possess the darkest skin complexions on the planet.

Introducing the Aborigine Proclaimation of 2017. Includes the Aborigine Charter, Aborigine Fee Schedule, Aborigine Protection Act, Aborigine Restoration Act of the Moors.

We have a rich and vast history. Below you will see a depiction of the great lineage, history and herstory we come from.

This website is Dedicated to the Ancient Ones

Ancient Royal Moors


These are pictures of Emperors, Empresses, Princes and Noble Moors. U.S. House Joint Resolution 75, says ‘Moors are entitled to their titles of nobility.’

Descendants of the Aborigine Moors. Dark Complected Autochthonous, Autonomous (very first Inhabitants on land)

Moors = dark complected inhabitants, who are part and parcel of the land. Rulers Over Dominions.

I am here to bring forward our lost, forgotten and neglected her-story, wealth and entitlements as Moors.

Empress Ninti – Joshua 1:3-6


  • Moors of Amexem are out of Interregnum since 2016 –      Library of Congress
  • Moors have their own Proclaimation, Charter, Protections and Laws 2017 – Library of Congress.


  • Spanish, Latinos, Mexicans cannot be banned from United States of  Amexem “America”  – their lineage is here too!. Amexem is North, South and Central America’s (included in the Aborigine Proclaimation) of 2017, filed at the Library of Congress on  4/26/2017.

Time for all the Tribes of Judah, the Son’s of God to come back together as one. All imposters must step aside allowing nature to take its course!

About our Empress (A living “Empress” walks the Earth in the Western Hemisphere)

She is an Educator, Historian, Law Keeper, Law Giver, Law Enforcer. Uplifting Fallen Humanity through the strength of Knowledge.  Author of several Pro-claimations/Declarations for Moors filed with the Library of Congress, for the record indefinitely.



Empress Ninti of North Carolina

There is a living Empress of North Carolina by lineage, heritage and birthrights. Proclaimed as of 2007. Chosen for this mission by the most high GOD. This is apparent from the divine, knowledge, clarity and wisdom that has been bestowed upon Her Highness. Receiving numerous prophecies from spiritual elders since the age of (29) Twenty-Nine and up until recently. When Master Prophet E. Bernard, told her to be courageous, for you will lead God’s people to inherit the land that I promised their Ancestors I would give to them. [Joshua 1:3-6], The Empress finally was pushed out of her shell, by the genocidal, atrocious and egregious acts of corruption being committed against her personally, (secretly coming into her home & cars), planting poisonous substances and performing “black Magic” & witchcraft” attempting to put spells, hex or curse her and family. Primarily in the United States of Amexem “America”. Acts in violation of the Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter of Amexem.Empress Ninti shying away from these prophecies, tried to ignore God’s calling. Wasn’t ready to accept that she would  be the bringer of change. Empress Ninti would have stayed in her shell, if it was up to her. The Ancient Ones have allowed the violations against her to be so egregious to get Empress Ninti to go into action. This is long over due, is it a coincidence that the Empress was compelled to come to Charlotte, NC?. Being where the war of 1776 occurred, involving the Moors. Where the U.S. derived their Declaration of Independence, Yes, it came from the ‘Mecklenburg’ Declaration of Independence, (City of Charlotte, County of Mecklenburg). Named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Moorish) coming out of Germany. Holy Roman Empire (Moors). Empress Ninti of North Carolina In her 10th year from the first claim made for the Moors, year of 10 = completion. Empress Ninti of North Carolina is compelled with the greatest force to enforce natural law (Ma’at) of the Ancestors and Most High Creator. Up until now, Empress Ninti shied away from the responsibility of this task.

Now the Bough has broken –

This Announcement is to inform the World of our progress in the Americas and to dispel the common myths of so called “Black” Inhabitants of the United States of America.
Announcing to our Brothers and Sister around the World. That we the Moors of the United States of America have Declared & Proclaimed our own Charter. Wealth, status and inheritance. We are here to dispel all myths that every “Black” person came to the United States of America on a slave ship. Moors = Dark complected aboriginal inhabitants of the world navigated all Seven seas and populated all Continents since the beginning of human existence on this entire planet called Earth. We (our Ancestors) were here on the soil of Amexem (North, South and Central) Americas for Hundreds of Millions of years. We know this proof positive.
On  April 26, year of 2007.  At the age of (33) Thirty Three Empress Ninti of North Carolina was inspired by God and the Ancient Ones to solidify a monetary claim of lien against the U.S. Corporation and all its departments including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On behalf of her lineage and the Moors of Amexem. This is filed indefinitely in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Secretary of State, Uniform Commercial Code records. Blessed with divine intellect/wisdom and foresight, Ninti El Bey resurrected all claims, treaty’s and resolutions past and present for the “Moors” Inhabitants in the America’s. Recovering our monetary claims [in part.] Challenging all who would oppose her, U.S./ Queen of England stood mute. In 2006 Queen of England was ordered to grant all Aborigine their sovereign rights back, by the World Court.
Empress has holdings of over One Trillion in lawful coinage (Gold and Silver) held with the U.S. Treasury Department and Secretary of State Department in a loyalty account. Making her a beneficiary in Absolute with unlimited full faith and credit within the United States of Amexem (America) since 2007, this fact is now a staple of law. Stare Decisis, Collateral Estoppel and can never be challenged.
We the Imperial Moors Proclaimed in the year of 2016 June the 25th day at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, United States of America that we were out of Interregnum, picking up where our Ancestors left off. WE are now in control and power in the year of 2016 .
We the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem in the year of 2017 April the 26th day  Proclaimed and Declared our own Charter which includes; Fee schedule of the Aborigine Moors, Claim of Lien of the Aborigine Moors, Aborigine Restoration Act, Aborigine Protection Act = Law Absolute for the Aborigine Moors of Amexem, so called  “Blacks”, “Negro”, “Colored”, “African American”. The establishment gave us these names in their attempt to detach us from the land, thus the term “African America” is not a status of being for the Aborigine of Amexem. We now have the evidence to support the fact that so called “ Black” Inhabitants occupied the land of the Americas just as long ago as on the Continent of Africa.
We the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem invite African Nations to barter/ trade/ and establish business with us. WE are our own bank. We have our own Proclaimation. We have our own Charter. We have the protections of the Law. We have ownership and entitlement to the land as Moors.
Brief her-story/ history on the Moors;  Book filed for the record at the Library of Congress by the Emperor of Morocco in the year 1787, regarding the Imperial Moors, commerce, amity and Peace & Friendship agreement with the newly established U.S. Quasi- government/ U.S. Corporation not to be confused with the “United States of America”. Her-story of the Moors goes back Hundreds of Millions of Years ago, this is just a brief account of the last 230 years that the U.S. Corporation and the Caucasian (Christian, rosicrucian, colonialist, inquisitionist) presence of power has been established in the America’s. Greater accounts of fact from Archaeologist, Archivist, Anthropologist are available.
Al Moroccain Moors established as the owners of the lands in the Americas (Amexem), recorded the first monumental land marks ( first in time, is first in line) pursuant to ownership claims and rights.
Emperor of  Morocco filed a book in the library of Congress. In the year of 1787, United States of America regarding privileges given to the U.S. Continental Congress for amity, commerce and a (Treaty of Peace & Friendship), showed that the Emperor was running operations of the land through New York, uSA (thus the term Empire State) using ministers and Continental Congress representatives. Emperor granting them privileges on the land for a period of time, as stated in the text (for the time being). Emperor signing a Treaty of Peace and Friendship for the U.S. Continental Congress for commerce and amity, granting them the same privileges as, that of Spain and using “Mexican” dollars as payment. This indicates to us that the Spanish Moors presence was very prevalent during this time. Although the Emperor was in the Continent of Africa he still had rule over the lands of the Americas (230) Two Hundred Thirty Years ago, this is a very short incline of time, this was not that long ago. Compared to hundreds of millions of years that our Ancestors have been on the planet, as stated by Archaeologist and in the Ancient script. To GOD it is just like yesterday (no respect for time or persons). Emperor of Morocco mentioned “Christian Nations”, territories that (Rosicrucian, Colonialist, Inquisitionist) had conquered in the war of 1776 Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  U.S. Declaration of Independence was derived from the ‘Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence’. City of Charlotte lays within the County of Mecklenburg, United States of America. (City of Charlotte) previously known as the “Queen’s City”, for Queen Charlotte. WE have now renamed the City of Charlotte the ‘Imperial City’. Queen Charlotte (a Moor) went on to marry King George III (a moor), in 1761. Queen Charlotte kept her title where ever she went.  Also known as Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Sterlitz (Germany).  Mecklenburg-Strelitz was a small north German duchy in the Holy Roman Empire. [ Mecklenburg is a County within the United States of America, named after a Moorish Queen] It was said (wikipedia) “Charlotte spoke no English but was quick to learn the language, albeit speaking with a strong German accent. It was noted by many observers that she was “ugly”, had a dark complexion and flared nostrils.” Yet Queen Charlotte is depicted as looking Caucasian in numerous accounts within Mecklenburg County today. The Emperor of Morocco kept his title where ever he went as well, indicates that Moors ruled a vast majority of the World not only the lands of the America’s and Africa but England and Germany as well. Where ever they traveled they established ruler-ship under their title’s were indeed respected worldwide. These are just two examples of the domination that Moors had during this time and for millions of years. The Moors of the World  have a rich and vast her-story/ history that here I just scratched the surface. There are millennia of history that needs to be uncovered for our children’s sake. This is a birthright, inheritance and status that never left, it just lay dormant until now. The Emperor of Morocco’s text speaks of Moorish and Christian Powers, indicating that during this time (1787) their were Moors still in power, even after the “Christian powers” won the war in 1776. Moors subjects to Morocco or elsewhere. This dispels the myth that all “Blacks” came to the United States of America from Africa as a slave, on slave ships. That all “Blacks” were slaves in Americas. That all “Blacks” are the ‘minority’. That ‘Christoper Columbus’ discovered our land, (if this person even existed).  WE Aborigine Moors are back to resurrect what our Ancestors gave us and what GOD gave to them. Dominion over the land. Wealth in abundance. Full faith and credit on/in the United States of America and Amexem ( North, South and Central Americas).
Emperor of Morocco’s text states, Arthur St. Clair of New York was referred to as His Excellency our “President” filed at the Library of Congress, United States of America (1787). Arthur St. Clair was a Moor. Dark complected, wooley hair inhabitant was the President of the U.S. Continental Congress in the year of 1787. We have not learned about this man because the new Christian powers rule was to change or remove all resemblances of the Moors from our history. Pictures of the true attributes of Moors in power have been changed to look Caucasian. The first President of the U.S. was a Moor, John Hanson, he is seen on the U.S. 2 dollar bill along with continental Congress,clearly depicting his dark complexion, that bill was taken out of circulation. Astonishingly, these facts are left out of the “history” books. The three men of the continental Congress who petitioned the Emperor of Morocco for amity, permission to do commerce and relief by Treaty; John Adams went on to become the second President of the U.S., Thomas Jefferson went on to become the third president of the newly established U.S. Quasi government. Benjamin Franklin is known as being one of the most important founding fathers who helped write the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin (whose face is on the U.S. Fiat $100.00 dollar bill ).
These men were merely ministers of the continental Congress during the time of “Independence”, year of 1787. The year Emperor of Morocco recorded his book granting amity, commerce to continental Congress and the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the Moors and the Christian Nations who won the war against the Moors of England in the United States of America in 1776. The war had been won (11) eleven years and the continental Congress still had to get privileges granted from the Emperor of Morocco  for amity, commerce and ultimately asking for a Treaty of Peace and Friendship to continue peace after the war and violence between the Moors of Amexem and the newly established U.S. Quasi-government, now established as the U.S.Corporation since the 1900’s. Christian Nations (Rosicrucian, Colonialist, Inquisitionist) who won the war against the treacherous Moors ruling the lands at that time. Christian Nations wanted relief from the tyranny of these Moors that had ruling power in the America’s (North, South and Central). Emperor of Morocco granted them relief through the Treaty of Peace and Friendship (for a period of time) (for fifty years) 1786, 1787 and ratified 1836.
Emphasis placed on dates and timelines:
The U.S. Corporation/quasi government was not established until 1781, (5) Five years after the war had been won. The U.S. Constitution was signed September 17th of 1787. Two months after the Emperor of Morocco gave his approval granting amity, commerce and the Treaty of Peace and Friendship to the U.S. Corporation/ continental Congress on July 18th, 1787, proof of this is in the Emperors book filed at the Library of Congress.
As time went on the new powers (Individuals) of the U.S. Continental Congress began to abuse their powers more and more. More so after the 1950’s when the U.S. Corporation was established, [refer.] even until today, they have usurped the provisions given to them; lawlessly doing as they please (law enforcement, federal agencies and municipalities), blatantly killing our Aborigine Moors dead in the streets with no retribution whatsoever. Creating laws to violate us (magna carta codes & jim crow laws), created jails to wrongfully lock us within. U.S. Corporation created usury terms and conditions of the lending processes, making it impossible for so called “Blacks” [at large] to attain what is entitled to them, at the very least a home for their families. U.S. Corporation allow our Aborigine Moors to lay in the streets at night homeless. This is our land, the U.S. Corporation has over stepped their bounds at law, the U.S. Corporation has usurped the rights of the Aborigine Moors of Amexem continuously, the  U.S. Corporation(s) are/is occupying the land as hold over tenants with no lawful rights in the United States of America or (North, South and Central) America’s at Law, at ALL.
FACT IS: Al Moroccain Moors are established as the owners of the lands in America (Amexem), recorded the first monumental land marks ( first in time, is first in line) pursuant to common law ownership claims and rights. More importantly this fact is Biblical.
The aforementioned trespasses are in strict violation of the Emperor of Morocco’s terms and conditions  of the occupancy, commerce and use of the land granted to the U.S. Corporation/ Continental Congress. Translated and written in the Emperor’s own words in the year of 1787 filed for the record at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, United States of America.
Attached  Exhibits;
Recorded:  Year of 2007 – Claim/ Master lien against the U.S. Corporation, Federal Reserve, – UCC Filing.  Year of 2011 – Claim established against the State of North Carolina Corporation – Dept. of Justice  Year of 2016 – Proclamation of the Imperial Moors –  Out of Interregnum – Library of Congress.  Year of 2017 – Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem/ Charter – Library of Congress.

CLAIM of the Moors
Nine Hundred Billion 900,000,000,000.00 (Gold & Silver)
Filed Indefinitely at Secretary of State
in the Common Wealth of Kentucky, uSA
Uniform Commercial Code Records

CLAIM of the Moors
Ancient Imperial Moors are Out of Interregnum

Library of Congress
No. 1-1R3QBP1

of the Aborigine Moors  of  Amexem
Library of Congress
No. 1-4986084321



Empresses Flag -Registered at the Library of Congress – $90.00

Empress Ninti – Ramseur Family Crest. Registered with the Library of Congress. $90.00

Empress Ninti of North Carolina’s Official Seal. Registered with Library of Congress. $90.00

Bond and Financing Statement that Solidified the 2007 Claim for the Moors $900.00

Hand scripted copy of the Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter on Parchment Paper. $90.00

Diaries of Empress Ninti of North Carolina $900.00

Chronicles of Urika Ramseur $90.00

Myth Behind Foreclosure exposed, Wall Street, Big Banks and You! $18.00

2016 – Library of Congress filing- Imperial Moors are out of Interregnum $90.00

Chronicles of Ninti El Bey $180.00

2017 – Library of Congress filing. Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter Complete Document. $ 0.00

To purchase any of the literature or documents here;

Send money order by DHL or FEDEX Delivery to: Ninti El Bey c/o 401 Hawthorne Lane #110-289, Imperial City North Carolina territory, near [28204]

By the Powers Vested in me Joshua 1:3-6

Indigenous to America’s

Forget what you have been told

A Forgotten Herstory….. in the United States of America.  Pictures  taken approximately (1600-1800’s)

So called “Black” Women. Indigenous Women Were Right Here In the America’s long before “Columbus”.

Robbed of our land, our “Herstory” and our Birthrights. No More!!!


Copyright © 2017 Aborigine of Amexem – All Rights Reserved. All Pages & Intellectual Property are Private, Not For Public Use. All Content owned by Private Trust. Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a ‘sovereign citizen’. I do not claim to be a part of or represent any Moorish Science Temple or Nuwabian Nation. I represent straight facts at law and demonstrate what the Divine Spirits give to me. My statements and claims are a matter of law filed for the Public Records at the Library of Congress, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Wayne County & Oakland County Michigan., Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Register of deeds. Indefinitely.

By the Powers Vested in me Joshua 1:3-6


Download the Emperors words  


His Majesty: Mohammed ben Abdallah al-Khatib                  

(1710 – 9 April 1790) (الثالث بن عبد الله الخطيب‎‎) 


Notice: The writers for the U.S. have misconstrued , convoluted and confused the American Public with its writings. If you are not savvy and well versed you will be fooled by its language. NOTE: U.S./ ‘United States’ is not the same as United States of America. The trickery, forgery and deception runs deep even today. These conspirators are most likely descendants of the gun men that threatened the forefathers into submission at gun point, leading to the 14th and 15th Amendment never being ratified, therefore never being actual law, [it is color of law]. Meaning that the people have acquiesced (agreed) to these actions for so long that it is considered law under acquiescence. As the majority of the acts of the quasi-governmental agencies, in so called “power” today. IMPORTANT: This same forgery, misconstrued, deception leads us to believe that all of our Ancestors were slaves brought to the America’s and Islands on slave ships. Because the slaves during this time were dark in complexion (Asiatic) from the Continent of Africa they felt it be easier to just lump all of us into the same category. Because they could not detect who was “free” and who was not. We the Aborigine have a full and vast herstory of civilizations, technologies and sciences yet to be tamped into. Emperor of Morocco wrote these words in favor of United States of America ( comprised of we the Indigenous Inhabitants [Aborigine Moors]). Not a dead corp, U.S. corporation.

We stand on the statements of His Majesty Emperor of Morocco on behalf of the Moors in the America’s 1786/1787 and 1836. We the Aborigine of Amexem derived our Proclaimation/ Declaration/ Charter from the Emperor of Morocco’s Treaty of Peace and Friendship, Amity & Commerce agreements. The Treaty is one of the primary authorities we stand upon in the Proclaimation of the  Aborigine Moors of Amexem – filed at the Library of Congress – 2017

From the Library of Congress

ACTS OF U.S. CONGRESS: In favor of the Moors in America

Congressional Law for Moors:

House Joint Resolution No. 75

One of the first Resolutions of the U.S. continental Congress.

The Moors Sundry Act of 1790: the ban on slavery of the blacks of Morocco

History our Teachers never taught. Instead they lumped all ‘darked skinned’ inhabitants in the “slave” category. Furthest thing from the truth. In The Library of Congress filing of the Proclaimation of the Aborigine of Amexem is a clause called, “Put our faces back where they belong”, under the ‘Aborigine Restoration Act’.

A Forgotten Power in United States of America: Emperor of Morocco 1787

Every act of Legislation had to be approved by the Emperor of Morocco. He held dominion over these lands through his lineage. Even the Negro Act of 1740, had to be approved by “His Majesty” as stated in the text.  Contrary to popular belief, there were Free Negro’s in the time of slavery. This Act referred to the slaves from Sierra Leon and other parts of Africa coming to the United States of America and the deferential treatment of free Negroes. Our teachers that we relay upon for right knowledge taught us that….we all

(“Blacks” ) came to the United States of America on slave ships. This is why it is so important for us to do our own research independent of others with their own hidden agenda’s. Teach your child the truth about our herstory, legacy and power.

May 10, 1740 – South Carolina Enacts the Negro Act of 1740

Posted on May 10, 2015 by rhapsodyinbooks  On this day in history, South Carolina passed an extensive list of rules regulating slavery.   The justification for the legislation is provided at the outset:

WHEREAS, in his Majesty’s plantations in America, slavery  has been introduced and allowed, and the people commonly called  Negroes, Indians, mulattoes and mustizoes, have been deemed absolute  slaves, and the subjects of property in the hands of the particular  persons, the extend [sic] of whose power over such slaves ought to be  settled and limited by positive laws, so that the slave may be kept in  due subjection and obedience, and the owners and other persons having  the care and government of slaves may be restrained from exercising too  great rigour and cruelty over them, and that the public peace and order  of this Province may be preserved: We pray your most sacred Majesty that  it may be enacted….” Caption furnished by:

Note: The aforementioned facts is the reason and importance of claiming your status. To make the distinction at law.

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By the Powers Vested in me Joshua 1:3-6


Moor’s Legacy – Coats of arms

Seal of Empress Califa, name sake of the state of California, uSA

Where Did California get its name?



Much of the Moors Royal Legacy has been preserved in Europe and Spain.

The  Inquisitionist, Colonialist and Rosicrucian did a magnificent job at  erasing our history/ herstory here in the United Sates of America. Our  Ancient Flags, Coats of Arms and Seals are lost, ruined or burned.  Remnants of our history may be found at the Library of Congress. A great  manuscript by: Empress Verdiacee Tierra Golston Washitaw El Bey,  titled: Return of the Ancient Ones may be a start to uncovering maps and  lineage of the Moors dating back at least 10,000 years here in the  United States of America.

Asiatics wake up!

There are people around the World walking in your shoes. Claiming what they are not, because you have not properly claimed your status.

So called “Jews” of Today are Imposters. As WEll as every other so called leader in Power, because they will not tell you the truth. Leaders of the Vatican, Holy Roman Empire, Germany, Rome Wales & Most other European countries wear a Moors Coat of Arms on their display, ornaments and/or garments.They are siting in your seats Moors until you wake up and take your lawful place ordained and given to you by the Most High Creator God. Take a good look at this proud display of Moor’s Coats of Arms.


Even the Queen of England was said to have stated…”I am sitting in this seat, until the Sons of God Return. As of the year 2016 she has abandoned her post.

Decide, Claim & Give Notice

No one call tell you who you are or who you are not. No one can make you be what they want you to be. When you do not claim a right, you do not have one. When you do not claim a status, you do not have status. When you do not proclaim your freedom, you will not be free. When you do not claim your Aborigine Laws, they will not apply to you.  ‘Empress Ninti’

President of Egypt



Leaders in Moors Coats of Arms


Proud Display of the Vatican Coat of Arms

Caucasians in Europe handing the Moor Head Coat of Arms.

The Pope Proudly waving a Moor Head Coat of Arms

They worship a “black” Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.

European Leaders

Proudly displaying and representing the Moor Head Coat of Arms.

Pope Francis is the first in history to not wear the Moor Head Coat of Arms

Why did Pope Francis change his Coat of Arms? 

Pope Benedict Wears Moor Head Coat of Arms

The Entire World Knows Who You Are Moor, Do You?

Copyright © 2017 Aborigine of Amexem – All Rights Reserved. All Pages & Intellectual Property are Private, Not For Public Use. All Content owned by Private Trust. Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a ‘sovereign citizen’. I do not claim to be a part of or represent any Moorish Science Temple or Nuwabian Nation. I represent straight facts at law and demonstrate what the Divine Spirits give to me. My statements and claims are a matter of law filed for the Public Records at the Library of Congress, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Wayne County & Oakland County Michigan., Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Register of deeds. Indefinitely.

By the Powers Vested in me Joshua 1:3-6



Copyright © 2017 Aborigine of Amexem – All Rights Reserved. All Pages & Intellectual Property are Private, Not For Public Use. All Content owned by Private Trust. Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a ‘sovereign citizen’. I do not claim to be a part of or represent any Moorish Science Temple or Nuwabian Nation. I represent straight facts at law and demonstrate what the Divine Spirits give to me. My statements and claims are a matter of law filed for the Public Records at the Library of Congress, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Wayne County & Oakland County Michigan, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Register of deeds. Indefinitely.


By the Powers Vested in me Joshua 1:3-6