Path to Freedom

3/15/2020 – (3) Three tweets that changed American History Forever!empress tweets that rocked America


Royal Decree

DMV- Royal Decree-5pgs

royal decree – high treason


Potomac Declaration

the law

Potomac Plan

world notice- royal courts-sovereign soil tax

Notice- empress-doj

mommy work

Timeline of developments towards our path to freedom as Aborigine Moors upon our land.

We the Aborigine Moors of Amexem by and through our Proclaimation, Declaration and Charter. Announced to the world in the year of 2016, that our land is not abandoned property. Our rights, entitlements and inheritance to our mineral land rights is not abandoned. The lands that were stolen shall be returned to us stat-

2018 – Empress is Calling the Rent Due!

                 World notice- royal courts-sovereign soil tax

2018 – Empress Ninti Proclaimed,

             Declared and Filed for the Record

Abstract of Aboriginal Title and Imperial Title Claim of the lands in the America’s, 1663 & 1665 Carolina Charters, Pursuant to Heirship Powers of His Majesty’s Laws of North Carolina 1736 and His Majesty Emperor Mohammad III’s Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1786/87and the binding Treaties of my Antiquitous Ancestors in the North Carolina Territory, Middle Plantation Treaty of 1677. Full Life has been brought back to the aforementioned claims and Treaties in favor of the descendents.

2018 – Movements of the Executive Branch

President Donald Trump of the U.S. Corporation. Extinguished all 501c3’s .

Trumps actions Follow suit with Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio’s and the Aborigine Moors Proclaimations, Declarations and Demands that we are no longer under Christian Powers upon our land. Lands of the America’s. North America known as Amurika (America).

Trump also made several ground breaking statements in our favor this month (September 2018).  He met with the ” Indian” Chiefs of today and his executive branch to inform them that he will be cutting off the funding for these Indians and stated that they would now have to claim a “race”.

Trump stated that he will go down his history and be praised like “Lincoln”. What did he mean? Most likely he meant that he would do something monumental like Lincoln who freed the so called “slaves”. I my mind I feel that he will come out with a public statement about who the truthful Aboriginals of the land are, the Landlords by virtue.

Trump also made a statement such as  ‘We will have a President for Life someday’.

So I do believe that the last Trumpet has sounded –

2018 – Potomac Declaration & Potomac Plan.

U.S. State Department – A declaration and Plan for the States to uphold, support and enforce the right of religious freedoms and beliefs  or non-religion. This means that We the People of the Land are no longer forced to assimilate into their systems and practices within the States. Subjected to Christian Powers underneath the Vatican rule.

Potomac Plan 

Potomac Declaration

2017- Empress Ninti Noticed all U.S.

            Constituents, Heads of State and  

World Leaders of the Act of Congress ‘Ancient Imperial Moors are out of Interregnum’ and of the Antiquitous claims of the lands of North America. Txu 2-049-663. Naming the City of Charlotte the ‘Imperial City’, North Carolina Territory.

2017 – Congressional Session

115th Congressional Session H.R.1624 [ All municipal venues have officially ceased functioning as of October 3rd, 2017.]

             it was decided that all

municipal  venues shall cease operations as of October 03, 2017.

This means that all municipal offices are null and void.

2016 – Empress Ninti Filed for the

            record at the Largest Library in the

World, that the ‘Ancient Imperial Moors are out of Interregnum’

              Claiming entitlements, nobility and inheritance to the lands of

              the America’s.

2012, 2013, 2014 – Motu Proprio by Pope Francis of the Holy See  (Vatican).

Declared that all corporations are extinguished.

2007 – Empress Ninti brought back Moor Claims & Antiquitous Treaties

adding a dollar amount and True Bill for the Family of the Moors. Aliened all seats of government. Notice went to all U.S. Branches; departments, offices and bureaus including the Social Security Administration.

2006 – “Queen” Elizabeth of  Great Britain

 The World Court in the Heague order the “Queen” to give all Aborigine’s their rights back as Aborigine’s of the Land.

Plain_Flag_wit lady

           Empress’ Claims and Notices

Notice- empress-doj mommy work

Notice Letter – Royal Decree-maxine

Notice Letter – Royal Decree-Sheriff

Aborigine Proclaimation and Charter

imperial conveyance 

The Above Imperial Conveyance is a parcel of land and a home granted to the Sharif of the Empress’ Territories, duly filed for the records at the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds. , Empress’ Law Enforcement & Soldiers will be endowed the same, a parcel of land and a home for them and their families forever in the Imperial City.

Currently Recruiting for the Empress’ Army

  The Antiquitous lawful Claims of our Ancestors have been brought back to life. We now must protect and enforce these claims. 18 years & above with military, strategic planning and intelligence experience apply immediately to the Empress’ Royal Courts.

Mansa Musa
Richest man in the World to this day!!!


All verbiage [ intellectual property] , content, trade marks, trade names, seals, symbols, pictures is/ are copy claimed and copy righted by the publisher/ creator of this website and the aforementioned properties. Any violations of its use without authorized consent shall result in a criminal complaint, law suit and the parties involved shall be aliened pursuant to the Aborigine Moors of Amexem charter, fee schedule and master lien.

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32 thoughts on “Path to Freedom

  1. Islam for this is my watch, l’m ready to be the example for my melinated family here in Maryland Territory. First l need to get the intake form. It’s only been one month since l came to the Imperial City an saw for myself, a
    Imperial Crown on a street sign named MOOREHEAD. WOW! All praises are due to the Creator. l’ve spread your positive work an name near an far, it’s on the GREAT MOTHERS TIME NOW. I FEEL ITS TIME FOR CHANGE FOR ME MY HEIR AND THE WORLD. THE TRUMPET HAS SOUNDED AN WE SHALL NEVER CALL RETREAT. Peace and Love AAA Bey (* 🐢 🇲🇦 🐪
    P.S. l look just like my brother Aboriginal Ankestor, Algonquin Patawomeck People. l could be his daughter.


    1. Frequently Asked Questions; Peace and Love;
      You will just need to put in the amount that you are donated if its reclaimation put 186.00
      If it is passport put in 360.00. Mark a line thru any other amounts that do not apply to you.


  2. I am still looking for the questions that we are to respond to? Are they the ones sprinkled through-out the website or are there a list of questions

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ive been studying for sometime now. My son is the most important thing in my life, and i dont feel he is in good hands with his mother. My question is, in the event of my proclamation, would i need his mothers permission to nationalize him? How does this effecr my rights in court as far as custody is concearned? My son is almost three, and we bave yet to discuss his future to any capacity due to the past constantly being brought up in the present. Im sure that your organization is about keeping families together, but i refuse to waste any further time attempting to reason with an individual who has none. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Peace and Love; As a parent you may have an Affidavit attached to your reclaimation for the child. That will be filed into the county recorders office where you live. Yes we have tribal members that have faced custody issues and have won hands down. Status of the Parent and child reign supreme.


  4. Hello empress if I would like to receive reclamation and passport would I put on disclaimer the grand total for both or out 2 separate totals ??? Thank you also when paying for both


    1. Peace and love; i would like for you to study this content of this website, join our Entrance Group on facebook to get the test study video, answers and question are within the group postings and files of the group.


    2. Please call me when you are available to discuss Strategy in Unifying during these incredible difficult times. ALL OF US UNITE 🙏🏿🤝🙏🏿👉🏿 LUMUMBA,816-803-5359, I KNOW A CONGRESSMAN out of Illinois we can Collaborate with you on. Give UNITY A CHANCE ✌🏿🤝🖤🇲🇦☝🏿🇺🇸

      On Sun, Mar 29, 2020, 2:27 PM wrote:

      > Ashley Spivey commented: “Hello empress if I would like to receive > reclamation and passport would I put on disclaimer the grand total for both > or out 2 separate totals ??? Thank you also when paying for both” >


      1. Peace and Love; I do not do personal calls anymore. I do group zoom calls currently they are on hold with so much going on. Restructuring my administration in pursuit of trustworthy individuals until then I am wearing many hats. You can email me @ [email protected]


  5. Islam Empress Ninti. My name is Talia Shekinah Bey and I am with the Moorish Science Temple of America headquartered out of Indiana. I am in Northern California Territory. I’ve been studying for a while now and have been sensing that there is more to proclaiming my Nationality as a Moorish American than just having the Temple Identification and Nationality card. The ancestors have been showing me through dreams and visions for over 20 years (I’m in my 50’s now) that a great work I must do to free myself and assist my people; although, I didn’t know what that work was to be at that time. I am a sincere seeker of Truth and I’ve been searching for the way to freedom and have been hesitant to move forward not knowing which processes I came across is the Righteous way; however, after reading your website, my spirit resonates with what I’ve read. I was always told by my mom that our grandfather was Cherokee. My question is do you acknowledge Prophet Noble Drew Ali as a Universal Prophet and the Sovereign Head of the Moorish Divine National Movement of the World, specifically, here in Northwest, Central and South America? I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience. I look forward to your guidance and further instructions on the next step(s). Peace and Love.


    1. Peace and Love; Indeed I acknowledge the Prophet Noble Drew Ali in my writings more so at the beginning of my journey which started about 20 years ago now. I now feel the full embodiment of the Prophet as well as other Ancestors who have be along the same path. I feel The prophet is not to be only worshiped, his demonstration shall be carried out in full life. The days of studying a book and lessons are over. WE have graduated now its time to advance from school into the real world. Most don’t see it this way. It comes a time when the lessons have to be physically demonstrated to see the prophecies. Interested in moving forward send an email to [email protected]


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