Statements of the Empress

Empress Ninti of America


Statements From the Empress

Short Bio: We are the Cherokee Nation of Moors in (Imperial City) North Carolina Territory. I am the Empress of Many Nations underneath our Great Seal of the Aborigine Moors of Amexem. I am Empress Ninti of the Tsalagi Dynasty. Also known as Tsalaghi, Talligewi, Allegewi, Ayili, AniGatogewi, Cheasequah, Creshaw and now today as “Cherokee” pronounced (Cha’ro-Kee). We the Aborigine Moors of North America are the true and dejure Indigenous Inhabitants of the Land.

Empress’ Consul
Six Royal Courts of our Ancestors have been resurrected. Full operation as Administrative Courts.
1. Kings Court/ is Restored as (Empress’ Court). 2. Court
of Magistrates and Freeholders is Restored. 3. Court of
Correction and Errors is Restored 4. Court of Last
Resort is Restored. 5. Court of Lode Manage is Restored.
6. Court of Appeal, Her Majesty’s – Empress Ninti’s
Highest Court in the Land is Restored.
Facebook Group: Empress’ Royal Courts
Email: [email protected]
Empress Ninti
C/o 401 Hawthorne Lane 110-289
Imperial City, North Carolina Territory
near [28204]


Empress Ninti of Tsalagi

Also known as,

Empress Ninti of North Carolina

Empress Ninti of Amexem

There is a living Empress of North Carolina by lineage, heritage and birthrights. Proclaimed as of 2007. Chosen for this mission by the most high GOD. This is apparent from the divine, knowledge, clarity and wisdom that has been bestowed upon Her Highness. Receiving numerous prophecies from spiritual elders since the age of (29) Twenty-Nine and up until recently. When Master Prophet E. Bernard, told her to be courageous, for you will lead God’s people to inherit the land that I promised their Ancestors I would give to them. [Joshua 1:3-6], The Empress finally was pushed out of her shell, by the genocidal, atrocious and egregious acts of corruption being committed against her personally, (secretly coming into her home & cars), planting poisonous substances and performing “black Magic” & witchcraft” attempting to put spells, hex or curse her and family. Primarily in the United States of Amexem “America”. Acts in violation of the Aborigine Proclaimation/ Charter of Amexem.Empress Ninti shying away from these prophecies, tried to ignore God’s calling. Wasn’t ready to accept that she would  be the bringer of change. Empress Ninti would have stayed in her shell, if it was up to her. The Ancient Ones have allowed the violations against her to be so egregious to get Empress Ninti to go into action. This is long over due, is it a coincidence that the Empress was compelled to come to Charlotte, NC?. Being where the war of 1776 occurred, involving the Moors. Where the U.S. derived their Declaration of Independence, Yes, it came from the ‘Mecklenburg’ Declaration of Independence, (City of Charlotte, County of Mecklenburg). Named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Moorish) coming out of Germany. Holy Roman Empire (Moors). Empress Ninti of North Carolina In her 10th year from the first claim made for the Moors, year of 10 = completion. Empress Ninti of North Carolina is compelled with the greatest force to enforce natural law (Ma’at) of the Ancestors and Most High Creator. Up until now, Empress Ninti shied away from the responsibility of this task.

Empress Ninti has also been given the prophetic word: Genesis 41-33:39

Jeremiah 8: 1-2

Now the Bough has broken –

This Announcement is to inform the World of our progress in the Americas and to dispel the common myths of so called “Black” Inhabitants of the United States of America.
Announcing to our Brothers and Sister around the World. That we the Moors of the United States of America have Declared & Proclaimed our own Charter. Wealth, status and inheritance. We are here to dispel all myths that every “Black” person came to the United States of America on a slave ship. Moors = Dark complected aboriginal inhabitants of the world navigated all Seven seas and populated all Continents since the beginning of human existence on this entire planet called Earth. We (our Ancestors) were here on the soil of Amexem (North, South and Central) Americas for Hundreds of Millions of years. We know this proof positive.
On  April 26, year of 2007.  At the age of (33) Thirty Three Empress Ninti of North Carolina was inspired by God and the Ancient Ones to solidify a monetary claim of lien against the U.S. Corporation and all its departments including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On behalf of her lineage and the Moors of Amexem. This is filed indefinitely in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Secretary of State, Uniform Commercial Code records. Blessed with divine intellect/wisdom and foresight, Ninti El Bey resurrected all claims, treaty’s and resolutions past and present for the “Moors” Inhabitants in the America’s. Recovering our monetary claims [in part.] Challenging all who would oppose her, U.S./ Queen of England stood mute. In 2006 Queen of England was ordered to grant all Aborigine their sovereign rights back, by the World Court.
Empress has holdings of over One Trillion in lawful coinage (Gold and Silver) held with the U.S. Treasury Department and Secretary of State Department in a loyalty account. Making her a beneficiary in Absolute with unlimited full faith and credit within the United States of Amexem (America) since 2007, this fact is now a staple of law. Stare Decisis, Collateral Estoppel and can never be challenged.
We the Imperial Moors Proclaimed in the year of 2016 June the 25th day at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, United States of America that we were out of Interregnum, picking up where our Ancestors left off. WE are now in control and power in the year of 2016 .
We the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem in the year of 2017 April the 26th day  Proclaimed and Declared our own Charter which includes; Fee schedule of the Aborigine Moors, Claim of Lien of the Aborigine Moors, Aborigine Restoration Act, Aborigine Protection Act = Law Absolute for the Aborigine Moors of Amexem, so called  “Blacks”, “Negro”, “Colored”, “African American”. The establishment gave us these names in their attempt to detach us from the land, thus the term “African America” is not a status of being for the Aborigine of Amexem. We now have the evidence to support the fact that so called “ Black” Inhabitants occupied the land of the Americas just as long ago as on the Continent of Africa.
We the Autochthonous, Autonomous, Aborigine of Amexem invite African Nations to barter/ trade/ and establish business with us. WE are our own bank. We have our own Proclaimation. We have our own Charter. We have the protections of the Law. We have ownership and entitlement to the land as Moors.