Indigenous Americans, Forced Assimilation of “Blacks” in America.

So Called “Black People” are Aboriginal and Indigenous to the America’s.

To: All “Black” people. You need to first understand the conditions that you have been forced to live with, then overstand the tactics, followed by solutions to the atrocities ( cultural genocide and ethnocide), a holocaust that our people have suffered for the past two centuries and that still plague us in year 2020. As a proclaimed Indigenous Inhabitant to America you have your own laws, customs and practices to stand upon. Protected underneath our Global Seal and Flag. Protected underneath our Ancient Spiritual Practices of Shamanism and Ifa faith. ‘We do not need reparations we need to reclaim’. Visit our reclaimation page to reclaim your heritage and your land.  Reclaim Here!

NOTICE: To all so called Law Enforcers for, Governors, Fraternal Orders and foreign powers. British rule on the land of America is over. Colonial Powers extinguished since year of 1960. British Courts, Judges, Attorney’s and “Queen” Elizabeth has no rule over Indigenous Inhabitants/ Aborigine Moors upon the land of America. Forced assimilation, excessive force, strong arming, framing, railroading Indigenous Inhabitants/ Aborigine Moors into British/ Corporate/ Commercial Courts shall not be tolerated!

History Lesson: Forced assimilation is an involuntary process of cultural assimilation of religious or ethnic minority groups during which they are forced to adopt language, identity, norms, mores, customs, traditions, values, mentality, perceptions, way of life, and often religion and ideology of established and generally larger community belonging to dominant culture by government. Also enforcement of a new language in legislation, education, literature, worshiping counts as forced assimilation. Unlike ethnic cleansing, the local population is not outright genocide and may or may not be forced to leave a certain area. Instead the population becomes assimilated by force. It has often been used after an area has changed nationality, often in the aftermath of war. Some examples are both the German and French forced assimilation in the provinces Alsace and (at least a part of) Lorraine, and some decades after the Swedish conquests of the Danish provinces Scania, Blekinge and Halland the local population was submitted to forced assimilation. Forced assimilation is also called cultural genocide and ethnocide.

Asiatics/ Aborigine/ Moors/ True Americans have been on the soil of Amurika (turtle island)  since the beginning of time. We have anthropological and archaeological evidence of Asiatics ( Black Peoples) bones found millions of years ago on planet earth at least 27 million years in America, our Ancestors bones were found in South Carolina according to anthropologist, archivists and archaeologists findings.

Pale Albino skin did not show up until the 1600’s.  Their “History” began in the 1700’s as “they began to discover lands and peoples who had already been on the planet for millions of years prior to their arrival. Colonialists showed up heavily in mid to late 1800’s in America, research ‘Andrew Jackson’ and the trail of tears.

South Carolina rocks and sediments provide a record of geologic history … This rock, which is over one billion years old, formed when igneous rocks … The first vertebrate fossils recorded from North America, were found in South Carolina. … Carolina during the Oligocene Period of Earth History (~27 million years ago).”

Reflections of Our Past: The Archaeology of South Carolina. What is … The First South Carolinians: The Paleoindians (12,000 B.C. to 8,000 B.C.) The earliest … Bone awls, needles, and projectile points were also common tools

Judaculla Rock of North Carolina, is not determined how old this petroglyphic stone is or how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of years it is old. It was physically carved by Inhabitants who occupied the land during Paleo or Pre-historic times ( meaning prior to Colonialists history documented which usually starts in 1700’s). It is evident that Asiatic/ Paleoindians/ Aboriginal Inhabitants of America carved the stone leaving their mysterious mark as they did many other places in America as well as around the world.

Judaculla Rock